Pick up something you always loved

By Susan Howard

As an adult, I can’t believe I am calling myself that, I have a ton of responsibilities.   My brain is constantly tasking and prioritizing and organizing.  Even my own workouts are planned and set.  It seems this is the best way to function, schedule everything out and plan.  The problem with this is it’s boring.  When your mind is bored, then likely your body is too and if your body is bored it is not improving from a fitness standpoint.

As a kid, there is always new data coming in; one because everything is new to you and two because you are being challenged and introduced to a wide variety of things to see what may interest you.  You are expected to try and learn, that is the norm.  As we get older we have already decided what we are good at or not good at and we tend to repeat the things we are good at and blow off the other stuff.

The problem is things are in a constant flux, so if we stay rigid we miss out on a bunch of new possibilities and things become mundane.  Recently I have re-picked up tennis and biking two things I did as a kid and loved.  I have a newfound patience and understanding about learning and practicing.  I know I will improve and that it will take time.  I am happy to practice something I love and that I am getting a workout at the same time.

Look for something you love, maybe even that you did as a kid and try it now.  Reinvent yourself and amp up your workouts with a fun activity that you look forward to.  Especially if you’ve been really discipline about going to the gym, try and find a different activity  you can commit to.  You’ve created all these muscles, now let’s do something with them.

On my to try list is stand up paddle boarding.  Even though I am not a kid in school, if I don’t keep growing than I am stuck.  Being stuck, I am not just an adult, but a boring one at that.



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