Kids Counting Steps

Tips on working out, kids counting steps

“I don’t want to workout.”

“I am too tired.”

“My elbow feels swollen and besides I might be getting sick.”

These are all lies we tell ourselves to get out of something we really DO want to DO. WORKOUT.

Have you ever finished a workout and said, “Oh shit, I wish I hadn’t worked out.” No. You are always glad you did. You always feel better, it never fails you, not once. So why don’t you do it?

You fail yourself by believing your own stories about how it’s impossible to commit to a routine.

I was astounded when I saw a new product on the market, a pedometer for children. With mixed emotion I looked at it and wonder when did we get so backwards that our children are counting their steps. I remember as a kid being outside playing ghost, an elaborate game of  night tag with the entire block of kids, and when my mother called us in for dinner we were begging for 10 more minutes to run around. Number of steps I took 30,000 probably more. Who cares, it wasn’t about steps, it was about fun.

We adults need to find the fun. If not fun, at least the satisfaction of a job well done. I got through it and now I feel great. I can’t list for the 100th time all the benefits of exercise, from your skin to your heart to your mood to your life expectancy to being able to button your jeans, the wins are endless.

Stop reading this and come up with a simple plan for yourself, 20 to 60 minutes most days of the week. Something cardiovascular that you like, some weight bearing routines and some stretching.

I promise you this:

Your life will be better than it is right now.

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