Kick Starter New Years A Go Go



By Susan Howard

It’s hardest to begin and once you’ve stopped difficult to restart. Inertia; an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Just like riding a bike, once you are going it’s fairly easy, but that moment, the first pedal push and balance takes some doing. Once you take the first step, you will naturally continue forward.

Often times when I am training, within the first ten minutes of a session the client is trying to book their next appointment. They realize immediately how vital motion is and how good it feels to be in action.

We must move our bodies to free our minds. I offer you nothing less than Nirvana.
I watch my little kids in the morning playing a jumping game up and down they look like little frogs because it FEELS GOOD TO MOVE. Not only does it feel good, but it is necessary.

I am here to implore, ignite and insight you to take that first step. If you are sitting on the bench because of an injury, that is NO excuse. There must be some activity you can do. Maybe you are sidelined because you have never been in the game, again no reason not to try now.

I hated gym class growing up, things have changed. These days there are tons of fun workouts you can try from Hot Yoga to Zumba. The first real mile I ran was in my 20’s, not including the mile that we had to run in eight grade. Just because you haven’t, doesn’t mean you can’t.

Maybe you start with a walk and move up to a jog or run. Start where you are, start today start now.

If you have an injury, hire a trainer to help you get started. If hiring a trainer sounds too pricey, start at the YMCA. They often have sliding scale memberships and a caring staff there to help. Once you get going you will keep doing it because you WANT TO.
It feels great to move and have energy in your day.

Try this today. Put your headphones on and walk to 5 songs. That’s all. Even just that will transform your mood. Don’t give up on yourself. Stay in the game. You got this.

Try these 5 moves for starters. (Consult your doctor before starting any fitness program…disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer….)

Stand in front of a chair and tap your butt down to the seat then stand. 12 reps
Reach your arms overhead alternating like you are climbing a rope. 30 reps
From standing shift your weight to one foot and find balance. 30 seconds each side
Place your hands on a stair and shift into the top of a push up. 30 seconds hold
Step ups one foot on a stair. 12 reps each foot.

Repeat one more cycle around. Add a 20 minute walk and you are done.

Now go eat an apple and one string cheese, oh yeah and high five yourself.

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