Train Like an Olympian

Train like an olympianBy Susan Howard

I love the Olympics.  It’s a thrill watching the high level of focus and training these young athletes have poured into their given event. Seeing their transformed bodies near perfection, eyes fixed, goals high. In a moment, on a day it all comes forth as they fight for the fastest finish, cleanest program, or most points in a game. Although only three make it to the podium all of them are winners to even qualify for such an elite competition.

The spark in their spirits and joy of competing is alive in you as well. Maybe your are not going to set the WR in the 400 butterfly or hang in the iron cross like the mens gymnasts have astounded us with, you can compete, and win at your own game.

Maybe it’s a virtual fitness competition on social media with your friends from high school or a tennis match with a friend or a made up game with your partner, sign up for some fun.

Rules of the games are as follows.

1. There has to be something at stake, even a prize at the end. Maybe you put up some cash or the winner gets a massage or what about a new BMW convertible. That’d get you moving, right?

2. It must positive. Not, you fat slob, you’d better sign up for this or you will continue your worthless existence. More encouraging like move that little bad ass!

3. It has to be for a finite amount of time. I prefer 4 to 5 weeks because it’s something everyone can really commit to and not feel burnt out by.

4. There must be a quantitative way to tally the results.
-If it’s going to the gym the most times in 5 weeks maybe contestants snap a pic of themselves each time.

-Two guy friends of mine did a month long six pack challenge, whoever had the best abs won 100 bucks. This was an obvious win based on appearance.

-If it’s a push up challenge people need to log in their daily amounts on an email chain.

-Food challenges are fun, like no desserts for 5 weeks. People can text photos of big birthday cakes or doughnuts they are passing by.

-Friends and I have done The Regime, which is a 5 week program I created incorporating cardio and food that is super effective for weight loss we were constantly sending funny texts back and forth. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at the office, killing me!

Whatever your goals, life if short, have some fun.

Pick a game, set up the rules and start playing.

For you, for your country. Go for your personal GOLD.

Stay Ready.

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