By Susan Howard

On my desktop right now is a file entitled “Life with Distinction” and inside lists my goals for 2017. We are a sum of our habits — some are good, but some we’d like to kick. Living with precision doesn’t mean I am throwing the old me out the window to start over again, but merely being aware of my patterns and making decisions about what each day looks like.

One big change for me is going to be planning. If you are like me, you run from planning like the villain in a tangled Spiderman web in my son’s comic books. This doesn’t mean my days won’t be spontaneous, but even with random time, workouts, or meditation time I am going to block it off in my phone calendar.

If we don’t make decisions we tend to plod along aimlessly just getting through the day. Don’t get me wrong, some days are like that — days you just get through. However, if you plan out your days you are more likely to get shit done in the way that you intended.

Be lofty

I have some goals that have been chasing me for years now and I am putting them down in the finished position this year. Even as I write this, I am nervous, but how else am I going to get there if I don’t challenge myself? I have these same expectations of my clients. Motion on all fronts.

It’s 2017 — put it all on the line, guys. Let’s do it together! Put a few things on your list that freak you out a bit. Maybe your challenge is working out 3 to 5 times a week every week without FAIL this year. Maybe it’s planning a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Maybe it’s signing up for a cooking class. Pick one thing that scares you and put it on your list.

When we get too comfortable in our habits, we never change. We are static.

Life is for the living. Get out of your habits, try something hard that you aren’t sure you can even do.

Make choices. Live with distinction. YES, YOU CAN.

Stay Ready.

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