Watch Me Nay Nay


By Susan Howard

Unless you are in the NFL, don’t play through the pain.  Unlike what you may have heard from other sources, pain in your body is a little message telling you that something is off or being overused while something else may be weak and non functioning.

Switch up your workout if you feel pain. If you are running try spinning or swimming; if you are doing a lot of heavy lifting, try Pilates, and if you are doing a bunch of yoga, pick up some weights. Our bodies get tired of the same input day in and day out and we can get repetitive stress disorder which can wear down the ligaments and attachments and overdevelop the muscles in a certain plane of motion.

If you are in a lot of pain, get with a personal trainer to help you out.  Don’t be sidelined by your pain.  The instinct to think, “I messed up my knee so I can’t go to the gym” is a wrong one.  Doing an upper body strength training session will help you recover that wonky knee.  It’s as if your saying, “Come on, team, we are going with or without you” and your body has to respond to keep up.

Get moving!

Even if you are in pain, get a professional to show you what to do.

Don’t put this off — you will just put on weight and that won’t help your wobbly knee either.

Stay ready.


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