Best Investment of My Life


By Susan Howard

Every once in a while I get a really kind compliment that makes me smile and gets me thinking.

One of my most successful weight loss clients told me she was talking to another doctor in the hospital she works and she said training with me was the single best investment in her health that she has ever made.

Wow.  That was nice.  Why is this I wondered?  She cited the workouts, of course, and the accountability and the friendship too.

This may turn into an accidental love letter but here it goes.

I have been training for a long time and honestly some of my clients have been with me for over 10 years and a genuine relationship with a lot of them has occured.  Not only do I care about their workouts and diet, I care about them.

In this day and age of phones and screen time, we really are closed off to each other, and in turn, closed off to ourselves, which leads to, you guessed it, weight gain.  Taking an hour a day to get sweaty and breathe hard and move your body in a different and challenging way wakes up your connective tissues, mind, and spirit allowing you to be in tune with you.

My job as a trainer is to get my clients back to themselves.  That’s why it is a powerful one, because my clients are powerful people and you are too.

Find a way to get in on this, as it’s the bests investment for your health you can make.  The intrinsic value will last a lifetime.

Thanks to my client for sending me the love and right back at ya all.

You lift me up, and make those 5 a.m. mornings a little sweeter.

Stay ready.

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