I Get So Emotional, Baby

Make a commitment to workout every week!

By Susan Howard

“My mother-in-law is coming into town.”

“I have a super stressed work week.”

“My kid vomited on my running shoes.”

Whatever excuse you come up with not to workout, needs to be tossed aside.

“But, Susan,” you plea, “I really do have a super packed work week and my dog did chew up my iPhone with my run keeper app.”

Over my last decade of training clients, I’ve trained people with various degrees of busy-ness. And with every one of them, I stress that they shouldn’t think about whether they want to or have time to workout. Just start moving for 20 to 60 minutes, 3 to 5 times a week and don’t stop committing to that.  My clients with the highest degree of consistency always get the best results.

“You can spend one hour working out or 24 hours dead.”

Having returned from a four-day fitness conference this is one of the messages that still rings in my head.  It’s true — the bounty of benefits of cardiovascular fitness and weight training are vital to feeling good in your body today and to the longevity of your life.

So what are you waiting for?  Set up a space in your home or at a gym or with a trainer and get going.  Be a robot, don’t have opinions about how you feel that day or if you have enough time, just get it done.  Imagine it’s a job you have to do — punch in workout, punch out.

If you like working out with a friend, find a friend to do it with. But remember, don’t make things dependent on your friends or husband or wife or anyone for that matter.  No road blocks!  Just get in motion and STAY in motion.

Please, if not for you, do it for me.

Oh, and wash your running shoes.

Stay ready.

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