What’s Wrong With YOU

Weight loss starts by loving yourself and then getting more active in your daily life.

By Susan Howard

One of the blocks to successful weight loss is feeling bad about yourself.  You’re a blob.  You have no will power.  You are lazy.  You will never look like Channing Tatum or Jessica Alba or whoever is seemingly hotter than you.  So why bother?  The reason we get heavier and heavier is we have given up on ourselves.

Maybe we were in shape, but we got injured or had a lifestyle change — married, divorced, family tragedy, new job, depression the list goes on.  We are very good at coming up with excuses that even WE believe.  Random reasons we can’t make time to exercise.

Well, all that is going to end NOW.

Hear this.

You are GREAT.  Whatever size, whatever shape, you are wonderful and sexy and amazing.  First things first, we must love ourselves.  Easy to write or say and super hard to do.

There was a study done with women in which half were handed a notebook with an ultra thin model on the cover and the other half were given a notebook with flowers on the cover.  Then they were all brought to a buffet to eat.  Guess who ate 30 percent MORE?

The women with the model on the cover.

Why?  Because they saw these women and thought, “I will never look like that, so I might as well give up and stuff myself,” an act of self sabotage.  We are eating way too much.  It goes beyond just being a bit pudgy, we are actively overstuffing ourselves.

Yes, we are sitting more and moving less in our day, yes, food is abundant and convenient, but this epidemic is more than that, and our kids are learning theses cues as well.

What is wrong with you?  Nothing.  You are perfect, even if you don’t lose one pound.  Start there, and I believe your weight loss goals will be in your grasp.  Start with something easy that feels good like taking a walk around your neighborhood or eating a crisp apple or riding your bike to get your morning coffee instead of driving.

You can do this, you deserve this, you are beautiful.

Love yourself, because why not.  Why wait to?

Stay Ready.

Photo by Jack Alexander

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