Before and After

Before and after photos don't tell the whole picture. Remember to focus on the now versus on what you'll look like after weight loss.

By Susan Howard

Although intriguing to look at, I’ve always hated before and after pictures because they imply an untruth. The before image is of a sad sap, overweight and dumpy.  The after is a picture of a trimmer, suddenly tanned, buff version of themselves. It’s as if by the mere nature of losing 20 pounds the “after” person’s life is now flawless, all of their troubles have vanished, they have a smoking hot girlfriend/boyfriend, a large bank account, and great friends to party with.

In truth, there is no before and there is no after, there is only NOW.

This workout, this day, and choices made in this moment are all the factors in the image of you.  If you are unhappy in your body, then, no, you won’t feel good today or any other.  It is not empowering to walk around day after day in a body you despise. I am not talking about fitting into a size 2 jean, more like acknowledging that it’s vital to be mobile in your day, pumping out good energy, and have the ability to tie your own shoes with ease.

It’s not only about the beauty within either.  What you look like is, in part, is how people relate to you and how you relate to yourself.  To ignore that is a lie as well.  There is a physical impression that we all give and that matters, try as we may to act like it doesn’t.


If in this moment as you read this post you are unhappy with your body (we all are, but seriously) instead of wondering what the “after” version of yourself could be and how much happier and cooler that person is, try and love your body for all that it can do now.  Celebrate something you love about your body today and then from there make ONE small change.

Pick something easy that you know you can commit to, like switching from soda to soda water with a lime.  One little change like that can really empower you to take further care of yourself, start walking, and make some better food choices..

You can be successful and believe in yourself again.

If we hate ourselves today and just want to jump into the after picture in 5 weeks of a starvation diet, we are missing the whole point.  What does your before look like and how can you enjoy the journey to better health?

Think about it.

Now, being the total hypocrite that I am, I am going to share with you some before and after pictures of my clients that have had some amazing transformations.  I never do this, but I am really proud of all the changes they have made and stuck with for several years.  It’s not about a short term weight loss, or even weight loss at all per say; it’s about a commitment to a healthier life and loving yourself enough to feel good about yourself in your body.  That’s a better reward than any other.  Stop worrying about the selfies and get moving.

Stay ready!

Check out some before and after pictures below:

Kim’s Before 




Lauren’s Before




Dave’s Before

Before photo of Susan Howard client


 After photo of Susan Howard client

Kelly’s Before 






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