Motivation is Dead

Don't be disciplined! Change up your workout routine with a fun class or two!

By Susan Howard

There is a reason the fitness industry is a 50-billion-dollar business. Americans want a change in their bodies, but fear they don’t have the motivation or discipline to get there on their own.  So like good consumers, they look to products to help them achieve the perfect self.  Most often, the diet or plan they pick only works temporarily or not at all and they move on to the next big thing.

Discipline is a mean word. It makes me feel like I got in trouble and am sitting in the principals office. Who wants to be disciplined? Not me. Is the disciplined person getting invited to a girl’s weekend, the lead singer in a punk band, or wind surfing in Australia?  The disciplined person sounds boring to me.

Great, you got your egg whites and your salad, but are you having sex? (Which can burn almost 100 calories, by the way.)

Motivation and discipline comes from a true want.  Identify your honest “wants” match them to the ones that revolve around health and push repeat. Don’t be disciplined, be a stunt women.  There are a ton of crazy classes popping up all over Los Angeles (and most major cities) — trapeze flying, wall climbing, you name it.

Get out there and take a class and let’s have some fun!

Don’t be good, be bad!

Stay Ready.

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