Skinny Bitch

Susan Howard discusses the drawbacks of being overweight and to focus on one pound at a time during your weight loss journey.

By Susan Howard

Here are somethings I will never have to worry about.

  1. Shopping in stores that will carry my size.
  2. If a belt hole will reach the buckle.
  3. Buying boots that go over my calf.
  4. Fitting into a movie theater seat/airplane seat.
  5. Fastening a seat belt.
  6. Wearing short sleeves on a hot day.

Working with my weight loss clients, I have learned a lot — mainly that it kind of sucks to be over weight.  Yes, there are more and more plus size stores and on the cover of February’s Sports Illustrated swim suit issue there was a plus size model.  Yet, there’s still limits to carrying around 100 extra pounds, not including joint pain and heart health.

Overeating is an addiction you wear everyday.  Not to mention, there’s the social stigma, as people can be so harsh.  You can be a closeted alcoholic/drug addict, but not the same can be said when it comes to food.

Recently I heard a statistic that at least fifty percent of Americans are over a size 12. We are getting bigger, sorry to say Michelle Obama. (You tried.)

One thing I noticed with my kids is, if I give them sugar they want it more and more.  For myself as well; the more junk I eat, the more I crave it.  Let’s be honest, food can be an addiction to soothe the stressed out soul.

Take a risk.  Don’t think of it as 100 pounds, think of it as one pound.

Make a choice now.  Do something different than you are doing right now.




Stay Ready.

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