You Can Always Get What You Want

Stay fit and healthy by moving throughout your day and celebrating life.

By Susan Howard

Although the fitness industry would like you to believe you have to suffer and deprive yourself to look good, I totally disagree.

Can you eat a box of doughnuts and watch reruns of Friends everyday and get fit?  No.

Do you want to feel bloated and tired all day?  No.

What I want to talk about today is balance.

It’s a journey, the quest to self care, but please don’t let my industry with it’s bro dudes and size zero chicks tell you what feels good to your body.  The path to good health can be a bit rough, but it should also be fun.

When I was a kid I remember struggling to keep weight on, and my pants up for that matter.  Why?  It’s because I was too busy having fun riding my bike, playing chase, and climbing trees to eat.  I was booked up.

Yeah, you could say my metabolism was faster and blah blah, which is true, but I think I was also just alive in my life. “Time for dinner,” was a horrible thing to hear and “Time for bed,” even worse than that.  It meant my day was over.

These days, people are constantly tired and the most exciting thing they do all day is have dinner.  We should not be slugging through our days only to plop down and zone out in front of the TV.

How can we celebrate today, task our bodies in a new and outlandish way, and make food a mere insignificance?  I like to try the new restaurant up the street, meet with a friend for a lunch date, or learn how to make a new recipe, but it’s gotten out of hand.

Balance.  Celebration not deprivation.

Stay Ready.

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