If you're a food addict, you do have options to move past it.

By Susan Howard

Talking to one of my big weight loss clients, she lamented about all the advice she had been given by various diets and food bloggers alike, “Eat intuitively,” your body knows what it needs.  “Listen to your body, the pounds will naturally shed.”

“How can I do this,” she protested, “when I am a total food addict?”

What a great point.  If you act out with food, using it for emotional support, stress relief, or are just plain hooked, you will not lose weight. How then can you get to the bottom of your oversized bottom? (LOL)

It is worth it take a moment to question why you are there in the first place.  If food addiction seems to ring a bell for you, there are programs – OA, therapy and abstinence all seem to help.

When I say abstinence, obviously you can’t completely quit, like in AA, but my aforementioned client cuts carbs and sugar pretty strictly.  She’s is having a lot of success with higher fat, vegetables and protein and lower carbs.  Not a new idea, but a good idea for someone that has a huge sugar addiction. It is getting her out of the habit of swinging from one sugar high to the next.

Our bodies and tastes are intertwined directly with what we feed them.  I notice that whenever I leave sunny California, I yearn for my perfectly ripe avocados and brightly colored prime produce.  I am spoiled.  It’s true.  My tastes have changed to where I actually CRAVE the “good for you stuff.”

That’s the point I wish for you all, where it’s not a bummer, it’s a privilege to eat clean delicious food.

If you are overweight, there is a reason.  If you have an addiction, get help.  It’s okay to admit it, own it and conquer your demons.

I get it, I can’t seem to do without my morning coffee, I am with you.

You are okay.

Figure it out, so you can move on with 1000 other interesting things life has to offer.


P.S.  Stay Ready.

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