Broken Down, Fired Up

For those with knee problems, here are some great ways to lose weight, workout, and get your heart rate up.

By Susan Howard

One of my newer clients came to me with a knee issue that appears to be, try as we may, unrelenting. Looking for a body transformation and some serious weight loss, she is faced with a conundrum. We can’t do too much knee bending cardio as even the bike is bugging her, but we need to get her heart rate and metabolic rate up somehow.

The answer: Weight bearing moves in rapid succession.

Here are a few ideas for those of you with knee issues.

  1. Strength train with no rest in between moves. Pick two or three moves and go quickly between them. Be sure the weights you use are hard enough to make you sore the next day.
  2. Work your legs in the Adduction/Abduction planes of motion, if possible. You can also try doing straight leg lifts in front, to the side, and behind.
  3. To get your heart rate up, grab a pair of light weights and do a variety of punches, upper cuts, and hits to the sky. Anytime you reach your arms overhead your heart rate goes up as it tasks your body more to try and push the blood up against gravity.
  4. Dead lifts can be great as you hinge from the hips, not the knees.
  5. Isometric holds, like some of the warrior variations in yoga may be okay too.
  6. Sometimes you have to check different things out and find out what works well for you.


Double negative, I know, but it is a double negative.


Actually, Nothing=Weight Gain.

There is something you can do. I promise.

Stay Ready.

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