Going, Going, Gone

Susan Howard provides some tips to tricking your body to lose weight.

By Susan Howard

Set weight, it’s a real thing.  There is a number with which your body prefers to be, and try as you may, it feels impossible to get off that number.  Our bodies calibrate and especially after a big weight loss, we biologically like to stick at what feels most right.  So based on, height, size, and current metabolic rate, your body adjusts.

“That’s not the weight I want to settle on,” you complain, “I want to be 5 to 10 plus pounds less.”

This is a tough one because you are already looking good, but greedy. The better we look, the better we want to look.  What to do?  How can we trick our bodies into responding a new way?  By doing something different.

If your focus has been cardio, switch to strength.  If you’ve been doing endurance, switch to interval sprints, or heck, pick up a jump rope.  If you have been training for power, few reps and heavy lifting, switch to lighter weights with high reps, 20 or more reps per set.

There is so much written about food I am reticent to add to the pile, but try and do one thing better than the day before.  Instead of a side of potatoes, get the salad, instead of a sandwich, get the salmon, and instead of a sweets, swap for fruit.  You know what to do, up the protein, ditch the white carbs, and above all else, don’t over eat!!!

You want something different, do something different.

Stay Ready.

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