Dude, Where is My Ranch?


By Susan Howard

My family and I just got done with a long weekend on a Dude Ranch in Tucson, AZ.  Out in the open air, riding horses along cactus-filled trails, up with the roosters, prickly pear margaritas at dawn.  (You can tell I really got into it.)

I loved this trip because it was an active vacation. The kids got to go to riding camp during the morning and we played “Marco Polo” in the pool all afternoon.  Plus, unlike the private swim classes my kids take back home where my son hesitates to jump in the deep end, here he proudly showed off his highest cannonball and fastest swim to impress the older boys from camp.

Taken out of your daily routine, you can try things, learn new activities and open up to different experiences, ones that you may love.

My wrangler, Bill was trying to get me to lope, which is a little bit slower than a full gallop, but still fast.  “No!” I screamed, “I am going to fall off!”

“You won’t!” he yelled.  So around again I went and before pulling back on the reigns in fright, for a fleeting moment I trusted and went into a lope keeping aboard the saddle.

Voices in your head tell you, you can’t and you won’t.  But you can and you will.

I am constantly telling you to find an activity you love and get into it, so a healthy lifestyle is actually a joyous one as well.  Take a chance to try something different, one where you are forced  to do something you don’t already know how to.

Giddy UP!

Stay Ready.


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