Rollin’ Rollin’


By Susan Howard

What is that tubular blue foam thing hanging out in the corner of most gyms?  If you don’t know and haven’t used one, wait no longer — it’s a foam roller.  Hop aboard the train and let’s get rolling.

Myofascial release, is a fancy way of saying that everything on your body that is not bone needs to be worked through and massaged.  All the muscles, including the connective tissues tendons and ligaments are targeted when working with foam rollers.

This deep tissue work not only helps you to recover quicker, but has proven to increase performance.  So get in on this and be a part of the revolution!!!

After your next workout or before, if you are sore from the last one, take five minutes to foam roll.  There are multiple videos showing you a ton of ways to do so.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Lay sunny side up with your body perpendicular to the roller with it under your shoulder blades.

Then lift your hips and roll your body forward getting a shoulder massage.  Move back and forth.

Lay on the foam roller longwise, your head and hips should be supported.  Then put your arms out in  a “T” position and with your knees bent, feet on the ground, slowly rock left to right.

Lay sunny side down like a military person climbing through the fields, put the foam roller under your thighs and climb forward and backwards using your elbows.  Go up to the knee, but not over the cap.


Now isn’t that better?


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