The Light


By Susan Howard

Let’s face it, it’s tough to be alive.  There is a lot of shit to deal with and at times it feels as though it just keeps coming.  Some deal with these stresses by over eating, drug use (prescription and illegal), drinking, or zoning out in front of a cable TV.

In the storm, through the wins and failures, we must find the light.  The light is not a momentary flash of good feeling, it is true bright light that shines from within out.  The real light takes thought and intention, dedication to making a life change.  It is grown out of a self confidence that you are worth it, you deserve an incredible life.  You can inspire others and make the world a better more peaceful place.

I have a rule, I don’t listen to NPR news in my car before 8 am, only classical music.  I don’t want my day to start out with the worries of the world.  One of my favorite DJ’s Ryan Seacrest has a segment called, “Tell me something good”, where listeners call in with a great story of an experience that is happening to them.  I love this part of the show because it strikes me how infrequently we take a second to acknowledge these things.  Events like the birth of a baby, college graduation, a marriage proposal, being a year sober, whatever.

For as hard as life may be, there are a ton of amazing things going on, things we can build on in our own lives.

This light is found somewhere in the notion of true purpose in a genuine hope for something more.  What is one thing you love?  What are you great at?  What is something you have been dying to try: rock climbing, volunteering at a soup kitchen, building a table from scratch, starting your own business?

It is vital we lean into the joy and always have goals that come from true yearnings.

Take a second.  Take a breath.  Stop moving.  Be still.  The answers are there.  Start today.

Start NOW.

Stay Ready.

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