By Susan Howard

I often write about habits and being a fitness professional. The pinnacle quandary to address is, “What are our habits and how can we change them to create a healthier lifestyle?”

I am going to shock you.  Ready?

Some of your habits, you will want to keep.  Yep, even the “bad” ones.

I have a tradition — when I get my car washed I go to a little bakery, grab a coffee and a cookie, and do some work.  It’s got AC, free water, and Top 40 radio pumping.  It also allows me to maximize my free time of which I have little.

I have been off sugar for the last 5 months, so going to the coffee shop was a bit of a challenge.  But it makes sense for me and I love the hang.

So having worked out for over an hour, I knew that I needed to get something besides my earl grey tea.

I paced back and forth, and landed on a bran muffin.  Yes it’s still a muffin, yes, it must have sugar in it, but it’s also got bran which is good for my poops, so it goes.

Am I perfect?  No.  Did I ditch my bakery routine, no.

Popsicles with your kids after soccer practice, a piece of pizza on a date night, a bran muffin on occasion, keep ‘em.  It’s not about being perfect.  It’s about being you and celebrating that.

One of my clients always claims I have a war on food.

He cracks me up and makes the early 6 am sessions something to look forward to.

So this one’s for you, Jonathan.  I had a bran muffin, deal with it.

Stay Ready.

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