Wacked Out Weekend Warrior

Susan Howard shares some tips on how to get a morning routine started during the week.

By Susan Howard

There are those that jump up every morning at 6:05 AM and go for their morning workout, hit the shower at 6:50 and then head off to work with a nonfat latte in one hand and an egg white sandwich on gluten free toast in the other.

Then there is the rest of us.

If you are not this kind of type A personality, have no fear — even the erratic can become consistent.

When you just workout one or two times over the weekend is you tend to try and cram a whole week into one day and you really go for it.  In being aggressive, you risk injury or at the minimum, extreme muscle soreness.  In addition, your results are negligible because you don’t keep stoking your metabolic fire throughout the week, so the impact putters out.

Is it better to do something during the week, than nothing?  Yes.  It’s always better to be moving than static.

Here’s 3 ways to turn the Slumdog into a Millionaire:

  1. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than you need to get up. Snooze just once! Then get up for 20 minutes of stretching and maybe some abs. This will allow you to still feel like a slacker but start a habit of AM activity.
  1. Make a $$ bet with a friend that you will workout 5 days a week for one month, with selfies and all. (Hopefully the pattern will stick, and you make some cash.)
  1. Find a type A friend and commit to joining them 3 days a week. Let’s just admit it, they are better than we are.

Type B — Stay Ready.

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