Dirty Fingers

Susan Howard shares her favorite health minded podcasts and why they're great tools to help you stay fitness motivated.

By Susan Howard

As a trainer, and yes, fitness guru, I am constantly reading and learning about everything health-related.  I love to know things so I can be better at my job. In the past, I would just hang out in the health section of a Borders and read through the aisle.  As times have changed and bookstores are more scarce, I have added podcasts as a source of information.  There is a bunch of cool ones out there, many of which have been recommended to me by clients trying to make a lifestyle change.

Podcasts are great because in Los Angeles we are trapped in our cars with a lot of useless time on our hands so it’s a perfect distraction. There are some great ones that feature some amazing speakers from ultra marathoners, to neurosurgeons, and even the founder of Whole Foods.

In order to make a change you must have your game face on at all times.  Let motivational thoughts sink into your skin, get under your fingernails and into your spirit.  Some things happen consciously and some unconsciously.  Let heath and wellness permeate you, and you will in turn change.

Stay Ready.

P.S. Podcasts I like right now are Mind Body Green, Rich Roll, plus the wisdom of Tara Brach’s Dharma talks.

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