There's no use getting your dream body if you don't start to love yourself before you get there.

By Susan Howard

When we start from a place of self loathing — “I don’t look like she/he looks”/“I don’t look like I used to look”/“I don’t look like I should look”– there are a few things that happen.  We malnourish ourselves, or we overfeed ourselves, or we actually look and feel great, but secretly despise ourselves.  Ironically, I think the level of body disgust runs equally from my in-shape clients to my out-of-shape ones.

If we come from a place of love, there is a chance we will find movements our body loves to perform, food that digests well in our systems and clothes that fit our body and accentuates our figure. Seem easy? It’s nearly impossible. Even as I sit here typing I have my own level of  old school mental body noise that I am trying to abort.

I say, “Go blank off, you voices that say we are not enough!  We are enough, our bodies do incredible things everyday for us.  Things are as they should be, today.”

Yes, you can have the body of your dreams without loving yourself, you just won’t know you have it.  There is no finish line to this work of self improvement, let’s just try and get a little stronger each day.  And when we do, be sure to do a dance in the locker room and give yourself a high five.

Winter is coming, make soup.

Stay Ready.

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