Our thoughts on what's healthy and unhealthy to eat sometimes gets more complicated than need be.

By Susan Howard

Recently I was listening to a health podcast and there was a popular nutritionist talking about food choices. Since I am trying to get my clients to make better choices, I am always looking for new solutions to reaching our best self.

This chick was talking about cheat days and picking between a glass of wine or a dessert when you are out. Agreed, both are high in sugar and are considered treats for anyone, especially those looking to tighten up. Then she goes on to say, “If I have sushi with rice, I can do it on a cheat day, but I just have to find a great yoga class to work through all those carbs.”

Wait, what?!

Since when did sushi become a big splurge? Pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, banana split, a six pack of beer, yes, I get that these are gonna pack on the pounds, but little old sushi rice?

Come on!

I love rice. I actually love grains of all kinds. Maybe I am a grain-a-holic, but still I refuse to think that a sushi roll is setting me back.

Some wisdom’s are older than we are. The Italians put basil with their tomatoes and they plant each side by side because they grow better that way. The Greeks put olives with hummus and a parsley rich tabouli salad. The Mediterranean Diet has been touted as one of the best especially for its use of olive oil. The Japanese put a layer of rice under their fish. That’s how they do it. They also do Tai Chi in the morning, plus bike ride to work, and a bunch of other cool stuff that keeps them looking great.

We Americans have become so strict and obsessive with our food and we are still FAT as ever.

Get a clue. Eat some sushi. Eat some rice, or don’t. I give up.

Stay Ready.

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