Where Did My Core Go

Susan Howard explains how post natal moms can work on their cores after having a baby.

By Susan Howard

It is still in vogue to talk about core strength, but for post natal women, especially, abdominal activation can seem miles away.

Here’s how I explain it: “What if you were to get punched in the stomach. How would you brace to receive that blow?” With your core.  Core and abdominal contraction are a big part of how we live and move. Even just moving from sitting to standing, we find that the abs contract to facilitate that move.

Now back to my post natal moms… When you get pregnant, all those intercostal muscles stretch out to create room for the little beast inside. If you get a C- section, the doctors cut through some of these connections to get to the baby.  How then do we make it back to the one?

Well, it’s harder for my pregnant ladies, but hey, at least you get a mini me.

When you workout, stem all of your moves from your core.  This is best conceived by linking your breath to the contraction part of the move.  In letting out a strong exhalation, you not only engage your tummy, but you can actually lift more weight and do more reps.

The core is a powerhouse.

Use it during all your moves, exhale your navel into your spine and and you will be stronger for it.

Stay Ready.

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