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Susan Howard comes up with an idea to help you eat right.

Susan Howard

At any given time there are two voices calling out, one the voice of the angel and the other the devil.  The devil tends to come out after several drinks, “Whatever, let’s get pizza and a pint of ice cream.”  While the angel comes out after a workout, “Kale salad dressing on the side, please and thank you.”

There is a constant battle between good cop, bad cop.  My friend Kevin put it this way: “Calories are like money; I spend all week saving it and all weekend spending it.”  Too true.

Here is my new concept (although I have a different one every other week. LOL): Act as if there were some bitchy Beverly Hills nutritionist inspecting your plate of food.  What would she say?  Let the good cop nudge you. “There is too much fat on that plate.”  “It’s too high in carbs.”  “You haven’t had a vegetable all day, you sloth.”

The truth is we know what is good for us and what isn’t.  But we have difficulty doing good things for ourselves, have trouble being our own advocate.  So answer to the imaginary nutritionist.

Let’s call her Debbie.  Doesn’t she just seem like a Debbie? Let her shame us into mostly good decisions.

Try it and see how it goes.  Worst case, you end up in a room alone talking to your new imaginary friend named Debbie.

Stay Ready.

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