Intention Action

Journaling your food intake and exercise regime can help you lose weight.

By Susan Howard

Through research, Kaiser Medical Group has found that people that practice food journaling are 30-percent more likely to lose weight than those that don’t. Why? Often there is a huge gap between what we wish we were doing and what we actually do. In our minds, we are perfect eaters, consistent exercisers, and meditate once a day, twice on Sunday.

Who we are in our heads does not necessarily translate to who we are in life.

The power of the pen (or the notes section of your smart phone) makes you accountable to what you say you are going to do because it’s written down.  There it is, staring at you in the face.

So write down what you want your week to look like, and most often, that’s what you will do. Here is a workout week example:

  • Monday Eddie’s Yoga class 7 p.m. OMMMMM
  • Tuesday Lunchtime strength training: plyometric legs and heavy arms, 5 sets. Get Tough!
  • Wednesday Hike with Stacey, 6 a.m.
  • Thursday Strength training: full body squats, pushups, etc
  • Friday Karaoke and drinks with friends, eat healthy during the day
  • Saturday Bike ride and brunch
  • Sunday Day off, meditate at least 10 minutes, Headspace App

With food, it’s helpful to record amounts and choices that you’ve made each day.  It’s tough to look at 4 Twinkies in your beautiful food journal, so perhaps just skip ‘em.  It feels great to put down choices that you are proud of.  “Look at this day of, egg whites, kale salad, and sushi dinner  – I killed it!!”

If the journal thing stresses you out, just get a piece of regular paper and start there.  Instead of saying “that’s not me,” just try it.

You got this.

Stay Ready.

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