Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Going on a cruise or vacation can disrupt your healthy lifestyle. Here's why it's good to workout during vacation.

By Susan Howard

Hey fellow travelers,

I just got off a cruise and onto dry land and my head is still rocking.  The trip began with multiple days of navigating the Disney World theme parks Epcot, Animal Kingdom, the whole lot. There were days I did not work out, as we were with the kids and rising early to hit breakfast and the parks. At the end of those 12-hour days, my sad feet didn’t want to do it. Excuses I know.

Since my wife got invited on a media pass, we were invited to all these sponsored dinners and parties. I realized, like a little fish out of water, it was hard to say no again and again to delicious temptation and free booze. Even though I know better, I got tripped up.

By day five, I felt like a bloated beach ball. Maybe it was the beer, sugar, lack of exercise or all of the above, but a depression washed over me. Yes it’s vacation and time to let loose, but is this what I am offering to my children, Mickey Ears ice cream and macaroni and cheese?

Then onto the cruise, it was a food fest if I ever saw one.  Buffet spreads out at all hours of the day, a soft serve ice cream machine swirling away, and 24-hour free room service. At dinner, when we were trying to decide between appetizers, the waitress invited us to try them all…well…okay…if we must.

I went to book my wife a massage on the cruise, as it was her birthday, and right next door I realized was a gym on the ship.  A real gym with medicine balls and benches and a view of the ocean.  Ahhhhh!!  That day I went for a quick thirty minute jolt and then another 30 minute workout the next day before departure.  After the first workout, I dialed down to one glass of red wine at dinner and just few bites of dessert.  The next morning I woke up and made myself the healthiest breakfast I could find.

For me, it’s not a vacation to skip working out.  It has become a habit for my body that I simply can’t do without.  I don’t feel good. Not working out reminds me that when I don’t do it ,everything else falls apart, food choices, energy levels, focus, all of it.

This is not to say you can’t indulge ever.  It’s just to mention that the quicker you can get back on track and do you, the happier you will be.  Now let the real vacation begin.

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