Strange Shapes

Here are some small ways to fight obesity.

By Susan Howard

On my recent vacation, I got a close look at a portion of our country, middle America. Here in Los Angeles, it’s all about the pretty people, the hyper-fit, the plastic, and the perfect.  Yes, L.A. has it’s own issues, but you don’t really see the obese population like you might in other parts of the U.S.

It’s incredible to me the different shapes people become when they over eat and under move.  It’s like their tummies are attached to their thighs, while their legs and calves are super fit to hold up the entire ship.  When I see regular-sized heads with narrow shoulders encased by this crazy fat frame, it’s really shocking.

I may sound mean here, but I am not poking fun, I am actually alarmed at the mismatch.  We are f@#!ing up!  I constantly worry that I am not doing enough as a trainer.  Yes, I encourage my clients, but that’s such a small fraction; it’s feels almost hopeless.

What can I say or do to help?  Somewhere between self loathing and self loving is the answer.  How can we give ourselves what we want, indulge even a bit, yet still remain in good health?  Do we all have to go on some reality show to loose 100 pounds in two months?  What is the real formula that elicits real results?

For myself, I realize every year that I get older I have to work that much harder to maintain my weight.  I understand that it’s really tough to keep a healthy weight, but some people look as though they have just thrown in the towel all together.

Here in Los Angeles it’s a total driving culture, so to get your 10,000 steps you have to make a concerted effort.  Whoever you are where ever you are in your weight loss goals, please don’t give up.

Little choices can make a difference.  You could add one fruit or vegetable to your diet each day or join a local YMCA.  The Y’s often have a sliding scale based on income. Find a teacher or a coach that can help.  Don’t be embarrassed, be proud.  You are making a change in your life, for a better you.  You got this.

Stay Ready.

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