Fight, fight, win!

You can choose to be as fit as you wish. Make the choice!

By Susan Howard

Today at my local gym, I was talking to a workout pal of mine that also happens to be a mega bro. He looks like a pro wrestler with big guns, strong legs, and ripped abs. He was eating a cookie at the time (granted it was the healthy kind with extra protein inside), and he offered me a bite. I took a little taste and said, “You can eat that stuff, I can’t.”

“No I can’t,” he retorted. “Everyone always says that and they are dead wrong.” He continued, “I watch what I eat all the time, that’s how I look like this. It’s tough to give stuff up, but if you want to look a certain way, you have to.”

There it is.  All the images of hot chicks in swim suits and shirtless dudes with their jeans pulled down past their hips, don’t just look that way, they choose to look that way.  This opens a whole new realm of possibilities for the rest of us.  We weren’t just born into the body we have, we can create the body we want based on the choices we make.

So the next time you are thumbing through a magazine and thinking, “That’s them, not me” ask yourself what sacrifices they must have made to get there.  They had to give up some stuff, delicious stuff I might add, and on top of that take a lot of definitive action in the gym or on a bike or in a yoga studio.

What’s the take away you ask?  I’ll tell ya.  It’s not about being perfect, but about just being a bit better than you are right now.  What is one food habit you can skip or replace with a heather version?  What is one window of time in your week that you can add a 20 minute workout?  Can you set your alarm 10 minutes earlier to do some crunches and stretch in the AM?  Change happens because you change.  Now is not the time to throw your hands up in the air and complain about bad genes.  It’s GO time.  Make a change, suffer a bit.  Make your goals stronger than your wish to sit around eating cookies…

Well, maybe just a bite.

Stay Ready.

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