Nobody Walks In Los Angeles

By Susan Howard

Susan Walking

Every time we head to New York or San Francisco my wife and I walk our asses off.  Grabbing coffees in the AM we head straight for the streets and walk until dinner.  We shop, buy new jeans, coats and running shoes.  We peak in little art galleries and grab a specialty scone along the way.  In the afternoon we likely  do cocktails and a cheese plate or something small.  By dinner we are starving and carrying multiple shopping bags.

The next day we repeat the whole thing again.  We share a vigor for checking out a city and seeing it beyond the touristy spots and the best way to do that we have found is by foot.

This is not true for Los Angeles as it is too vast a place to walk.  You simply must drive.  We drive so much in LA my clients complain about tight hip flexors and right achilles tendons from sitting so much. 

Which brings me to the point of this blog, yeah I am taking my time here. LOL.

If you live in a city like LA you must formally workout, otherwise you are doing nothing.  There is no intrinsic action in living here.  We sit, we eat sushi, we sit, we watch movies, we sit and then we sit some more.  So if you have a sedentary lifestyle and then you go for a run or go to the gym that action is not extra, it’s just getting you back to the one.

We do not hunt for our food.

We do not ride our bikes to work.

We do not live in a walkable city.

We do not get up from our computers.

We MUST move at some point.

Yes find excuses to move in your day.  Maybe some of you do ride to work.  Either way, we must workout just because I said so.  Bam.

Stay Ready.

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