Looking Down

By Susan Howard

Good posture

If the sky really were falling, surely we would all get crushed.  The reason for this is, we are all constantly looking down at our cellphones, computers or even just the ground.  As I look around, I see forward leaning heads with the cervical curve flattened out and the upper back is slumped with rounded shoulders collapsing in. 

It’s not surprising people are depressed.  Slumping around with your head down is a bummer.  Correct postural alignment can make you feel better.  Why do you think the yogis practice sitting in the lotus position to meditate?  If they are going to get to Nirvana, they have to allow the steady stream of breath to travel up and down the spine.  In order to do this they must have proper alignment.

Here’s how to get straight.  If you are slumped, you know who you are, don’t hate yourself when you are out of correct position.  The first thing you want to do is be aware of when you are slumping.  So each time you notice yourself slumping it’s a good thing.  “There I am, slumping again.” Then if you are sitting, find the seat bones firm on your chair and lengthen your spine up from there, drop your shoulders away from your ears and lift your sternum slightly up.  Finally lengthen through all four sides of your neck.  Now relax into this new position and breathe. 

You can repeat the same process from a standing position, just notice how your feet rest on the ground and try and find the center of your standing position.  Notice if you lean on the front of your foot or heel, also note if you turn in with your feet or turn out.  Try and keep your foot placement in neutral.

You got this. 

Stand tall, stand proud, be a leader, oh yeah, and watch out for the sky.

Stay Ready

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