By Susan Howard

Eat small things

The other day one of my clients, having hit a 50 pound weight loss milestone, was reflecting on some of the decisions she is now making to continue her successful trail.  “Containers,” she said, “You have to start at the source.”  Specifically she was talking about how when she goes to the movies, she orders a small buttered popcorn.  She tells them to charge her for the full, but to fill it half way.  Another wise example she had was at a soft serve ice cream place (she had a friend in town), she ordered a kiddie cup and told them the same thing. She said, “Charge me for the whole thing, but fill it half way and add caramel sauce and sprinkles on top.” 

This may not sound like a weight loss plan as you read it.  You may be wondering…ice cream with caramel sauce…buttered popcorn…this is not a good idea.  If you want to lose weight you have to eat chicken breast and kale for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The truth of the matter is, yes to keep a healthy weight you must pick live, nutritious healthy foods, but if you have the expectation of being perfect all of the time, likely you will fail.

First off, I love my client’s plan because it’s working.  Also I love it because it’s doable.  She can go about her normal live, enjoying treats she enjoys as long as she watches the portions.  “Start at the source.  I know I will eat everything in the container” she continues.  Steal this idea from her and lose some serious weight. 

If we feel like we are in food prison, long term compliance is unlikely.  Yes for a month or so we can deprive ourselves, but eventually we want what we want.  Let’s be honest a bite or two of ice cream is yummy and satisfying, an entire carton is gross.  You don’t want to overeat because it feels disgusting, so start with the containers.  You could also follow my wife’s advice, “Always order the small, unless it’s water.”

Stay Ready!

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