Pre-Game Plan For Staying Fit

By Susan Howard

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Happy Summer ya all. 

With summer brings BBQ’s and pool parties and as I write this it’s the morning of 4th of July.  In the past I have written about portion control and just take one plate, no seconds and stuff like that.  This time I am going to talk about your pre game plan.

Say you are going to an event that afternoon or evening, here are somethings you can do to help yourself in the storm of hot dogs, potato chips and cupcakes.

First thing that morning, you should workout, Duh.  Get in some cardiovascular activity like a hike, bike ride or a run.  If you can do one of those for 30 minutes and then add 10 or so of strength training you should be good.  When in doubt go on you tube and check out one of the abundant videos, or go old school with push ups and crunches.

Second, eat protein.  We Americans tend towards a sweeter breakfast, but the am is a great time to grab some protein.  You could make some eggs, reheat leftover chicken or salmon and scramble that in with some chopped broccoli and done.  This type of breakfast will ensure you don’t eat too much during the day saving all your calories for the night. 

Have a salad for lunch.

Then right before you go to the party eat a string cheese, a handful of nuts or a hard boiled egg.  After this, enjoy yourself.  Remember the more you drink the more likely you are to be out of control with food, at least that’s how it rolls with me.

Post game wrap up, drag your hung over self out for an egg and cheese sandwich and a coffee and then back to the gym.

Have fun, don’t stress it.  You look good.

Stay Ready.

Photo Credit: NikeRunning

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