Sense Memory

By Susan Howard

working out while sick

One of my clients, who at times struggles to maintain a healthy weight, was “off the wagon” as they say. She got a new demanding job and bought her first home so her stress level was a solid ten. During this time her workouts declined and in turn her eating went south as well. Months later coming back to her training sessions with me she had put on an extra twenty pounds on the hiatus.

Getting her back on track we looked at, in addition to strength training with me, some spinning classes she might sign up for. In the past, spinning was a strong foot hold in her weight loss habits. She enjoyed the music, competition and and energy in the room.

At her first class back, she had to leave the room halfway through the class because she thought she was going to throw up. She was used to maxing out her ride each time she went, but hadn’t been to class in so long her fitness level was much weaker having not trained in months.

A few weeks later I ask her how her workout week went and she said she hasn’t gone back to spinning, I was surprised. I remembered how inspiring the classes where for her. Then we broke down why. Every time she thought about signing up for a class she thought about how out of shape and sick she felt at the last class.

One thing I will say that is true: It’s rough getting back into the gym when you haven’t been doing anything. Especially if you did go consistently and remember yourself so much stronger. During our session we signed up for a class she could make with her work schedule and I told her that she could feel free to leave at the half way mark if she needed to.

We tend to defeat ourselves before we begin. We have a bad experience and that derails us for months. Trying your best means honestly facing where you are right now and starting from there. Meet that person, the you of today and embrace who that is. Your best might be a half of a spinning class or it could be a ten mile run, both are perfect and true.

Ignore all negative bias and get moving.

Stay Ready.

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