Dark Daze

By Susan Howard


It’s a rough time right now, and all of us are being taken down by the political animosity in one way of another. Let’s face it, it’s stressful! We can pretend not to pay attention, but it’s impossible not to notice the frenzy around us. Even Tibetan monks are struggling on mountain tops, Namaste.

The only way around the craziness is through. Get sweaty, take action, walk in nature, write letters, wave flags, take a knee. You do you. Don’t let the dark cloud leave you lethargic and lame. Don’t let this time be an excuse to get lazy or be overwhelmed with anxiety. It’s time to stand up and be on the go.

I don’t mean this metaphorically, I actually want you to get to the gym, jump on your bike or go swim laps. Positive energy in your body creates positive thoughts in your head which in turn leads to calm focused decisions.

We all want change, but what does that really look like for you? It’s easy to point the finger at how wrong and stupid everyone else is, but true change always begins within.

Ask yourself the tough questions and in the quest for the answering the correct action will be taken. Maybe it goes no further than being nicer to your kids, or kind to yourself. Maybe you will run for office and make serious change.

The answers are all there placed clearly in front of you after a great workout.
Go get em.

Happy 2019 let’s go after it!

Stay Ready.

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