Much Obliged

By Susan Howard

Like in an annoying friendship, hanging out with someone because of guilt or feeling like you are “supposed to” leads to a destructive unhappy life.  My new responds when someone tries to lay a trip on me about not calling is, “I don’t do that guilt thing.”  I verbally reject the bogus accusations because, guess what, I am an adult and I get to do what I want, when I want.  As I protest, it is obvious I have previously fallen victim and bought into their heavy negative feelings.  In the past I have felt remorse and crappy about myself.  That is why now I have to reject the lame attitudes out loud to prove it to myself.  “I’ll call you when I am damn ready.”

Which brings me to this; food.

You have no obligation to eat what you ordered at a restaurant.  

You have no obligation to eat what someone else ordered at a restaurant.

You have no obligation to take home leftovers of food that was gross in the first place.

You have no obligation to eat leftovers in your fridge.

You have no obligation to cook food you don’t want because you are worried it will go bad soon.

You have no obligation to eat something even if someone spent time making it for you.

Sometimes I will eat for various random reasons, things that have nothing to do with what I crave or want and I consistently feel yucky after.  My body knows what it needs and yours does too.

Be your own advocate, no one else will be.  No one cares really.

Maybe this sounds familiar to you or maybe not at all.

Next time you are at dinner and your companion says, “I ordered too much, help me finish.”  Say something like, “I am good, take it home, or just leave it, it’s okay.” Now you are both absolved.  Now that’s a true friend.

Stay Ready.

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2 Responses to Much Obliged

  1. Ash bell April 22, 2019 at 1:41 am #

    Very good advice for all. Way to go Susan

  2. admin June 11, 2019 at 1:49 pm #

    Thanks! Keep on Keeping on.

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