Hot Hot Hot

By Susan Howard

Temperatures have risen to 116 degrees here in LA, even the desert succulents are drooping in our front yard.  It’s challenging for me, the fitness guru, to want to get in the gym and work up a sweat seeing as all I have to do is dip my head outside and I am dripping.  What to do when all you want to do is squeezing into a ball in your refrigerator or watch a double feature in the blasting AC?

Here are a few ideas to stay on track when it’s boiling out.

First off, if you have a POOL or access to a public one by all means get in that thing!!!  You could buy some of those webbed gloves to get some extra strength training in, but honestly swimming laps is great too.

Next you could find an iceskating ring and join in on one of their public sessions.  If you’ve been reading my blogs you’ll know I have been getting really into skating, but especially on a hot day it’s  a refreshing way to get your heart rate up and have some serious fun.  Lots of places let you rent skates right there.

If you normally go for a run, you could do a day pass at a gym.  No, it’s not the best deal going for a one time try.  Expect to pay $20 bucks or so for the day, but there is AC and if you go to an upscale one they may even have cucumber water, hey hey!

Lastly, stay away from high heart rate raising classes like bootcamps and spinning until it cools down.  It’s easy to over heat in these types of classes.  You can still hit it by doing hard strength training routines with a trainer, with an online video or old school calisthenics.  Take breaks often to cool down and drink water or even Gatorade.  Be sure not to get your heart rate up too high unless you are in AC.

Oh yeah and drink some cold ice water, down the whole pitcher, and eat juicy fruits.

Don’t let the high heat be excuse to take a fitness vacation, just work differently smarter.

Stay Ready.

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