By Susan Howard

Heroin is sexy.  Being a user is cool.  Movies featuring beautiful actors running in the rain are made about drug and alcohol addicts.  They are thin, strung out and amazing brilliant artists if they could just get over their one problem.

This, by contrast, is not the same for fat people with food and sugar addictions.  “I ate an entire bag of Oreos in one sitting, I finished a jar of peanut butter watching Game of Thrones, or I can never eat just one cheese burger.”  These statements are not hot or okay.

I drank too much last night might bring a responds of, “Oh wow you must be so hungover.”

Unlike I ate an entire pizza and three pieces of cheesecake might bring the responds of, “What’s wrong with you?” with a side snicker of, “That’s why he’s so fat, he can’t control himself.”

Who can control themselves?  No one.  It’s tough for us all.  We may be triggered by a bad mood, or a stressful time in life.  Just like a drinker craving booze after passing a bar, a sugar hound might get tripped up passing by an ice cream shop or a bakery.  It’s actually harder with food because we have to eat.  At some point we will be in a grocery store check out line with all the bright colored candies lined up in pretty little rows or at a restaurant where they not only want to sell you a bunch of fried appetizers, they want to top it off with the dessert menu, which in turn leads inevitably to the dessert eating.

How we react and who we are depends entirely on the habits we create.  Somehow being drunk is an okay-ish habit, this person needs help, they may even go to an AA meeting to share stories and encourage each other towards sobriety.  Not the same for people with eating addictions.

Yes there is OA, but who wants to go to that meeting?  It also mixes in Bulimics, Anorexics and people with food addiction which are all entirely different things.  Say you just have a sugar addiction, you may not want to hear a hundred stories of people puking in the toilet.  Also it feels a little like lame group.  (Sorry if I am being harsh here.)

People seem to allow space for drug addiction, but won’t consider sugar a drug, which it is.  People with food addictions get judged for having no willpower and for being lazy.  Maybe they don’t have any will power, but how much willpower do the rest of us have?  It’s rough out there, and I know for myself, once I get a taste of that sugar drug I wonder when the next hit will come.

We need to recognize that food like drugs can be highly addictive and people that fall prey to these things are not bad people, they are just looking for joy in their lives like all of us.

Sugar = Addiction

Sugar = Addiction

Sugar = Addiction

Sugar = Addiction

If we can acknowledge this we will all be better off.

Stay Ready.

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2 Responses to Heroin

  1. Ash bell November 20, 2019 at 4:06 pm #

    Well said Susan. Totally agree.

  2. Susan November 20, 2019 at 4:33 pm #

    Thanks for reading Ash.

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