Covid Health

By Susan Howard

Is there such a thing?  The title of this post may be a little misleading as many of us, including leading experts, seem to be stumped by the transmission of this pandemic.  Do I know more than anyone else about Covid, No.

One thing I do know is having a healthy lifestyle will improve your mood, your energy levels and yes increase your overall wellbeing.  While I don’t have a cure for this horrible virus, I do have some information about health in general that could help.

First off, get moving!  It is easy to lean into the fact that tons of gyms are closed, and we aren’t supposed to be going anywhere #saferathome.  That being said, we must figure out a way to move.

Here in California there are beaches, hikes and pools that are still open.  (Apparently since pools are so chlorinated as long as you keep social distance swimming pools are okay.)  Outdoor spinning and yoga classes seem to be popping up around my neighborhood as well.  Tennis, bike riding, rollerblading, and skateboarding are still on board.  

Try something you’ve always wanted to like paddle boarding, kayaking, outdoor rock climbing,  or explore trails in locations you’ve been curious about.

Before dinner pick 3 songs that your family can all dance to.  Maybe this feels cheesy and your kids are too cool to dance, but if you get into it, your kids might as well.

Sunday afternoon my family has been doing yoga from an online streaming service.  Do they make it through the entire hour?  No, not always, but they do half of it.  

As a trainer, I have been zooming with my clients, doing distanced masked sessions and at first it seemed like it was going to be lame, but it has been great.  

The priority is to MOVE.  

Stop making excuses, don’t worry about motivation, just ask yourself, “Did I move for at least 20 minutes today?”  If the answer is no, find a way to get going.  

Our bodies are regenerating every second.  When we workout we increase the number of red blood cells and create a better functioning heart.  To top it off you increase the function of your immune system.  Being well helps you stay well.

Part 2 will be about diet, but for now, get going, oh and WASH YOUR HANDS!

Stay Ready.

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