By Susan Howard

As I walk/run around a picturesque Los Angeles reservoir, there is a flock of ducks having an argument.  Maybe it’s not a full quarrel, but a deep discussion in quack language.  It’s a tough one to call.  I stand still for a moment to try and figure out if it’s an angry quack or simply a town hall meeting.  The conversation continues heads bobbing up and down as the early morning starts to wake.  I watch and laugh.  

One duck is defiantly in charge, barking at the other ducks to get it together.  They waddle around in zig zag circles and then as a group magically decide to fly off together in a “V” formation.  If I had pushed the snooze on my alarm this morning, I would have missed the fowl convention and the beautiful soaring as they sailed away.  

Clients come to me looking for a change and often times the story begins with self hatred.  The story usually goes something like, “I’ve got a gut”, or “I have been lazy”, or “I ate a slice of bread last week and I am still mad at myself.”

This is a hard one to write about and harder still to do, so I get why with trepidation you read on.  If your workout goal is not to stop being a lazy sac, but to celebrate the day and how amazing moving in your body can feel, then I think you will get closer to your healthy weight.  If you can switch your mind frame and embrace the celebration of taking on the day, getting stronger in your heart and mind you will easily comply for the long term.

Yes if you run 6 miles a day for a month and do a juice fast you will fit into the dress that was hard to zip up prior.  The crash diets, and crash workouts will help in the short term.  They work.  Ultimately though you still end up despising yourself.  Even if you look hot in the pictures of your wedding or on the red carpet, it’s a fleeting joy.  It evaporates the second you eat real food and you are left hating yourself all over again.

Can you love yourself today, right now, at the weight and shape you are?  

It’s harder than it seems and will take some soul searching.  When you get to the point that you are eating and moving to try and do something good for yourself, not as a punishment, that’s where the real change can happen.  Workouts and salads are not done because you have to, but because you genuinely want to.   Over eating is punishing your body by stuffing it full.  Sloth like energy day after day is a mental punishment.  

There is another side to this equation and that is movement and action because you understand that it’s worth it to take the time to treat yourself well.  You are good and you deserve good things.

Drop the mic.

Stay Ready.

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  1. ash bell September 2, 2020 at 5:17 pm #

    Beautifully written and such a wise, important mantra for life. Thankyou for writing it

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