The Regime

The Regime is a 5-week program designed by Susan Howard to help you examine your daily habits, create new routines, and become stronger and leaner.

The Details:

  • 5-week workout program that gets progressively harder each week.
  • Daily workouts of 40-60 minutes provided, which includes days off.
  • Meal plan that involves food already in your refrigerator.
  • 24-hour online access and support from Personal Trainer Susan Howard.
  • Daily e-mails with inspiration, tips, and accountability.
  • Online confessional where you can bear all of your shortcomings, frustrations, and victories.

For $150, you can begin the Regime today and ultimately gain short term weight loss, lifestyle changes, and new healthy patterns.

Check out testimonials below!


I came to Susan Howard 6 months after having a baby, I was 12 pounds up and wanted to lose the weight and get back to my regular fitness routine.  Susan recommended The Regime to give me a kick start and I lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks.  The thing I loved best about it was that it was NOT a diet.  I have never dieted in my life- I’ve watched too many people yo-yo with weight so when she mentioned this program to me, I must admit I was dubious.  It was wonderful.  I changed my eating habits for the better, cleaned up and lost weight.

Ashley George- Los Angeles, CA

I was 20 pounds up when Susan put me on The Regime at this point she was doing a trial run with clients and I was lucky enough to be the guinea pig.  I literally learned to re-train my mind away from the bad foods that I craved mid-day.  I would text Susan as I walked out of Starbucks empty handed and proud to escape the junk food.  I believe that there is no way to change the way you look without making a commitment to yourself to change your eating habits and fitness routine.  Susan helped me and inspired me as a personal coach in this process. I lost 8 pounds in the first 5 weeks and went on to the advanced program to lose another 12 pounds. Now a year later, I’m still training with Susan and keeping the weight off so it worked!

Rachel Weller – Los Angeles, CA

I reluctantly tried The Regime through Susan’s consistent persuasion and found myself on vacation and not junking out.  My wife was shocked at my sudden boycott on desserts.  I gained so much energy through The Regime and found myself more alert throughout the day.  I loved the exercise routines.  I made it through the 5 week program and was surprised to get a couple comments from colleagues about my looks.  Now 8 months later I still follow some of The Regime rules and I’m keeping it TIGHT.

John Thorpe – Los Angeles, CA