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Goody Two Shoes

By Susan Howard

Most of us don’t want to be perceived as boring hum drum types. 

I have a want, as many of us do, to be fit and eat well.  However, there are unforeseen obstacles to this task and one is self perception.  Beyond the struggles of passing up a yummy cheeseburger, fries and a Coke for lunch, past the I am too tired to workout, lies something less obvious.

As I have cleaned up my diet I have come to realize that sometimes I really want to mess up.  Intentionally.  It’s as if I don’t want to erase the old standby, not in as good shape, bagel and cream cheese eating me.  

I think of myself as edgy, someone that wants a triple espresso, someone that may drink too much red wine at a party and stay up until two in the morning laughing with friends.  And so, if I become the herbal tea drinking, steamed vegetable eating in bed by ..read more

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By Susan Howard

As I walk/run around a picturesque Los Angeles reservoir, there is a flock of ducks having an argument.  Maybe it’s not a full quarrel, but a deep discussion in quack language.  It’s a tough one to call.  I stand still for a moment to try and figure out if it’s an angry quack or simply a town hall meeting.  The conversation continues heads bobbing up and down as the early morning starts to wake.  I watch and laugh.  

One duck is defiantly in charge, barking at the other ducks to get it together.  They waddle around in zig zag circles and then as a group magically decide to fly off together in a “V” formation.  If I had pushed the snooze on my alarm this morning, I would have missed the fowl convention and the beautiful soaring as they sailed away.  

Clients come to me looking for a change and often times the story begins with self hatred.  ..read more

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Covid Health

By Susan Howard

Is there such a thing?  The title of this post may be a little misleading as many of us, including leading experts, seem to be stumped by the transmission of this pandemic.  Do I know more than anyone else about Covid, No.

One thing I do know is having a healthy lifestyle will improve your mood, your energy levels and yes increase your overall wellbeing.  While I don’t have a cure for this horrible virus, I do have some information about health in general that could help.

First off, get moving!  It is easy to lean into the fact that tons of gyms are closed, and we aren’t supposed to be going anywhere #saferathome.  That being said, we must figure out a way to move.

Here in California there are beaches, hikes and pools that are still open.  (Apparently since pools are so chlorinated as long as you keep social distance swimming pools are okay.)  Outdoor spinning and yoga classes seem ..read more

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