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Goody Two Shoes

By Susan Howard

Most of us don’t want to be perceived as boring hum drum types. 

I have a want, as many of us do, to be fit and eat well.  However, there are unforeseen obstacles to this task and one is self perception.  Beyond the struggles of passing up a yummy cheeseburger, fries and a Coke for lunch, past the I am too tired to workout, lies something less obvious.

As I have cleaned up my diet I have come to realize that sometimes I really want to mess up.  Intentionally.  It’s as if I don’t want to erase the old standby, not in as good shape, bagel and cream cheese eating me.  

I think of myself as edgy, someone that wants a triple espresso, someone that may drink too much red wine at a party and stay up until two in the morning laughing with friends.  And so, if I become the herbal tea drinking, steamed vegetable eating in bed by ..read more

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Live with distinction. Make plans, make goals and complete them. If you don't push yourself, how will you ever succeed?


By Susan Howard

On my desktop right now is a file entitled “Life with Distinction” and inside lists my goals for 2017. We are a sum of our habits — some are good, but some we’d like to kick. Living with precision doesn’t mean I am throwing the old me out the window to start over again, but merely being aware of my patterns and making decisions about what each day looks like.

One big change for me is going to be planning. If you are like me, you run from planning like the villain in a tangled Spiderman web in my son’s comic books. This doesn’t mean my days won’t be spontaneous, but even with random time, workouts, or meditation time I am going to block it off in my phone calendar.

If we don’t make decisions we tend to plod along aimlessly just getting through the day. Don’t get me wrong, some days are like that — days you just get ..read more

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Best Workout in Shortest Time: Isometric/Dynamic

By Susan Howard

Creating muscle to burn fat is the most efficient way to spend your time working out. Maximizing results by working your large muscles in an active way, such as a squat, is the best. Most fitness professionals will agree. The more muscle engagement the better. Thus the birth of the compound move like a squat with a row. The issue I have with these compound moves are often times there is so much going on that the form is compromised. Watching a client trying to perform a reverse lunge with a military press leaves them with a wobbly mediocre version of both the lunge and the shoulder press.

I feel as though well meaning trainers and athletes alike make this mistake, so here is my answer for you all to keep it tight. Combine Isometric with Dynamic, so while one part is moving the other is stabilizing. One of my favorite examples is an isometric squat, like a skier ..read more

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