Fantastic trainer.  Sessions are intense but also fun, and expertly tailored to my specific needs.  She gets the entire spectrum of fitness, from strength training to flexibility to nutrition, etc.  I’ve been training with her for around eight years and I still look forward to it every time.  And above all, I’m thrilled with the results.
– Theadore S.

Best trainer in Glendale.  She has a fantastic approach to fitness and health.  She has a fantastic personality and sense of humor to feel at ease with your workout.  She also has a great space to workout in.
– Jamie P.

Susan Howard has been my trainer for 9 years.  As soon as I started training with Susan she zeroed in on building core strength and gaining more mobility in my lower back (20 years post lower lumbar surgery).  My back has not gone out in the last 9 years and I credit Susan for this.  She is a top notch Silverlake trainer.  She genuinely cares about her clients and their overall well-being and health.  I look forward to each and every session.  Susan makes each session challenging AND fun.  She also has an awesome sense of humor which is a huge bonus.
– Laura G.

Susan Howard is amazing.  I worked with her in her Glendale gym and she helped me lose 15 pounds.  I can’t express how great I felt or how easy it was.  She tailored the workout and motivated me to change my diet in a way that made it easy to stick to the plan and watch myself get stronger, leaner and healthier.  I’d recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.
– Casey R.

Susan Howard is the best trainer out there.  When I recovered from a c-section she was the person who got me moving again (even though I just wanted to hide under a blanket.)  Howard’s talent isn’t only her knowledge but it’s about her holistic approach to wellness and her wacky sense of humor.  She makes working out fun and creates a personalized wellness plan that works with my lifestyle.  Beyond this she gets results and that’s really the point.
– Jesyca S.

She’s clear, concise and very smart.  Session aren’t easy, but focussed on what’s needed.  In my case recovering from injury and a long break form training.  Susan has helped me plan a way to get my strength back and it works.  Plus she’s funny, which is invaluable.  Plus her gym in Glendale is super close to my house, so I can ride my bike to sessions!
– G.H.